Equipment configuration:
The KLA 2135 is a wafer inspection system that incorporates advanced sensor and image processing technologies. The 2135 enables manufacturers to detect all types of yield-relevant defects on all process layers, with high capture rates, automatically and consistently. With a two- to three-times throughput improvement over the earlier model KLA 2132, the KLA 2135 delivers unmatched speed and sensitivity for in-line monitoring of advanced processes.
In-line inspection tools must be able to detect all types of yield-limiting defects, whether handling, tooling, or process. Only complete visual access to all defect types ensures complete determination of yield correlation and implementation of effective yield strategies. The 2135 uses KLA's brightfield, small-pixel, high data rate, digital image processing technology to achieve the industry's most complete defect detection capability.
The KLA 2135 consistently detects the widest range of yield-relevant defects, at all process layers, and at the speeds required for high-volume wafer production.