Equipment configuration:
The 2138XP inspection systems are instrumental in nearly every modern fab for accelerating technology development and improving process yield. These systems, with their high-resolution brightfield inspection technology, enable accurate and consistent detection of all yield-relevant defect types on all process layers of current-generation devices.
The KLA 2138XP is a wafer inspection system that incorporates advanced sensor and image processing technologies. The 2138XP enables manufacturers to detect all types of yield-relevant defects on all process layers, with high capture rates, automatically and consistently.
In-line inspection tools must be able to detect all types of yield-limiting defects, whether handling, tooling, or process. Only complete visual access to all defect types ensures complete determination of yield correlation and implementation of effective yield strategies.
Productivity improvements include job queuing, an easy-to-use NT user interface and recipe management software. Job queuing improves tool utilization by up to 30% thereby reducing tool idle time. Users can now set up one wafer lot while another lot is running.